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VA Aid and Attendance
Application Instructions


You will need the following. Make sure you keep copies of everything you submit.

1.   Find your discharge papers DD214 or standard form 180. If you no longer have them in your possession go to:

2.   Social Security award letter from January

3.   Proof of bills

4.   Physician statement VDVA 10 required in Illinois

5.   Surviving Spouse - You will need a copy of your marriage and death certificates.

STEP ONE - Fill Out These Forms

VDVA 10                    Physician statement
VA10-10EZ                Medical Expenses
VA21-4142                 Consent Form
VA21-0845                 Authorization to Disclose Personal Information
VBA21P-8416-ARE   Medical Expense Form
*VBA21-22-ARE        Appoint Veterans Service Organization as Rep
*VBA21-22A-ARE     Appoint Representative
VA21-526                  Vet or Couple Only
VBA21-534EZ           Spouse Only
VBA21-0779              Nursing Home Information Form (for those living in a  facility)

*Fill out either VBA21-22-ARE or VBA21-22A-ARE depending on who your advocate is

STEP TWO - Apply through an advocate to get the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit. Do not apply directly to the VA. Call 855-462-0100 to get referrals for advocates in your area.

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