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Veteran's Aid and Attendance Benefit


What the Benefit is Designed to Pay For:

1.   In-Home Care

2.   Assisted Living Care

3.   Nursing Home Care


What is the Maximum it will Pay in 2017:

1.   Veteran Only:               $1,830/month

2.   Veteran & Spouse:       $2,170/month

3.   Veteran’s Widow:         $1,176/month



1.  Served at least 90 days in military

2.  Received an honorable discharge

3.  Served at least 1 day during a war period (not required to have been overseas or in the war):


WWII                                      12/07/41 – 12/31/46

Korea                                      06/27/50 – 01/31/55

Vietnam (served in Vietnam)   02/28/61 – 05/07/75

Vietnam (served outside Vietnam) 08/05/64 – 05/07/75

Persian Gulf                             08/02/90 –not declared


4.  Widow must not have divorced veteran or remarried after veteran’s death. (Exception: If veteran died due to service related disability and she remarries prior to age of 57, then loses benefits.) 

5.  Must need some assistance with at least two activities of daily living, and paying for it. Must receive assistance or have a doctor’s order before applying.

6.  “Countable” assets – This varies depending on the types of investments you have. Does include vacation homes, investments and savings.

7.  “Unaccountable” assets are home, pensions, small life insurance policies, prepaid funeral plans, annuities in payout, etc. There is no look back period.

8. Takes 9 – 18 months for approval (disbursement is retroactive to date of receipt of application by the VA) There is special consideration for those under Hospice care.

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