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Use the following articles and guides to help you make an informed decision. Please contact your Senior Care Consultant if you have questions.


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New Resource Article Elder Care Consultant in Illinois 

If you need reliable elder care consultants in Illinois, ask help from Elderwerks. We assist in finding communities and services available to you. Call us!

Choices for Mobility Independence - Transportation Options for Older Adults Requires Adobe Reader

Have you ever thought about what would happen if the transportation you use is no longer an option? How would you continue to maintain your independence so that you could continue with your daily routines? Who would you turn to for assistance? People often look to friends or relatives to assist with transportation – this may be a good option for you, but it is not always the most convenient for you or for them. Thinking ahead to alternative transportation options can give you peace of mind should your current means of getting around in your community change in the future. This brochure will assist you to learn about various alternative transportation options and some things to consider to help you make confident decisions about which option would be best for you.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. SAMHSA's mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America's communities. Congress established the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 1992 to make substance use and mental disorder information, services, and research more accessible.

Suicide Prevention 

A suicidal person may not ask for help, but that doesn't mean that help isn't wanted. Most people who commit suicide don't want to die—they just want to stop hurting. Suicide prevention starts with recognizing the warning signs and taking them seriously. If you think a friend or family member is considering suicide, you might be afraid to bring up the subject. But talking openly about suicidal thoughts and feelings can save a life.

The Guide to Keeping Your Home through Debilitating Disease 

Chronic, and often debilitating diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease, and many others can be devastating for those who have the illnesses and their families. Not only are the physical symptoms and side effects of these diseases difficult and life altering, but treating them can take a huge financial toll on families.

Home Inspector Spots "Red Flags" Before It's Too Late 

Excellent article on things to watch out for when inspecting a home. Inspections before you list your home will help you find the problems, correct them and then list a home that's very saleable.

Transportation Assistance in Lake County 

ABOUT THE SERVICE: The Lake County Coordinated Transportation Services Committee’s (LCCTSC) Northwest Demonstration Project (NW Demo) began in January of 2010 to provide curb-to-curb dial-a-ride transportation service in the northwest Townships of Lake County: Antioch, Avon, Grant, and Lake Villa. In September 2012, the NW Demo expanded services to the Townships of Fremont and Wauconda. The service area of the NW Demo also includes providing transportation trips to the Gurnee Mills commercial area and the Greenleaf Ave. Medical offices and Mundelein Downtown area.

Illinois RTA Ride-Free Permit - Reapply by the end of June Requires Adobe Reader

RTA ride-free permits expire June 30, 2014. You must reapply through

Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) Information 

Improving care through the use of advance directives enables individuals and those closest to them a fuller array of care options. The Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) was developed to translate (and make portable) advance directives into a physician’s order that could be followed by clinicians to provide for here and now needs of patients with advanced illness or frailty.

Key Talking Points for POLST Illinois 

New POLST form from IDPH. POLST stands for Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment and is a signed medical order for documenting the life-sustaining treatment wishes of seriously ill patients. It travels with the patient

Lending Closet Lists of Providers Requires Adobe Reader

Do you need a cane, walker or wheelchair? Would you like to borrow one? Please check out the list provided to find your local lending closet.

Planning for the future 

As we age we prepare for many things: new house, new baby, college, retirement, etc. We don’t plan on getting really old, we don’t plan on getting sick and we don’t plan for changes in our mental status. This needs to change. In order for everyone to age “well” planning needs to be done by everyone.

Marketing to Animal Lovers as Senior Living Communities Become Pet Friendly 

Does it seem like some senior living communities are going to the dogs these days? The answer is actually yes as more and more senior housing facilities become “pet friendly” to accommodate the growing desire of residents to remain with their pets when relocating to senior communities.

Elder and Family Mediation 

Good article describing why it might be better for a family to mediate rather than go to court.

Give Me the Keys, Dad by Emily Yoffe 

Why there’s no personal, societal, or governmental solution for what to do about elderly drivers

Discharge Planning 

The team planning a patient’s discharge out of the hospital is responsible for coordinating all care once you leave. The care team will recommend post-care such as a nursing home or home care and therapy in your own home.

Five Steps for Saving Sight Requires Adobe Reader

Losing one’s sight is the most feared disability and yet we don’t always understand the lifestyle choices we make that can impact our vision health. The aging process leaves us increasingly vulnerable to eye diseases and disorders. Protect your eyesight by taking a few beneficial steps.

We Need to Talk...Family Conversations with Older Drivers 

For older adults, limiting driving presents practical problems and can cause strong emotions, from sadness to anger. Family members themselves may feel angry, frustrated, or guilty about depriving their loved one of the freedom of driving. Despite these concerns, family members and older drivers alike prefer to keep these conversations ”in the family”. View the brochure here or order your copies in English or Spanish.

Hospice Story - Thinking Outside of Typical Therapy Requires Adobe Reader

Eileen Considine Boggins helps a gentleman with gourmet cooking in this beautiful story of courage and support.

Planning for Your Discharge Requires Adobe Reader

A checklist for patients and caregivers preparing to leave a hospital, nursing home, or other health care setting.

Brain Health 

Things you can do to keep your brain healthy.

Benefits of Water Exercise Requires Adobe Reader

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get back in shape. Using your swimming pool may be the best way of exercising if you are over 50, perhaps not currently enrolled in any fitness programs and/or dealing with arthritic joints, fibromyalgia, back pain or have recently undergone a joint replacement surgery.

A Beginners Guide To Medicaid 

An introduction to the government's Medicaid health insurance program and how it works.

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