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Antiques & Collectibles Value?



The following is criteria that estate salespeople use in determining value:


·        Condition


·        Age

·        Quality


·        Rarity

·        Historical Significance


·        Manufacturer

·        Size


·        Subject Matter

·        Taste


·        Previous Ownership


The following are some tips to help an appraiser more accurately estimate the value of your belongings:


·        The more information you have about the item the more accurate the determination of value can be. 

·        Provide the history of a piece

·        Provide the journal regarding the piece

·        Take photos

·        Keep receipts

·        Save letters

·        Provide snapshots and newspaper articles

·        Don’t remove any labels

·        Keep the original packaging in tact



It may be difficult to provide a value to a piece without the above information. There are a lot of reproductions in the marketplace. Investigating the piece and providing value will be more accurate with the above information.