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Memory Singers - at Old Town School of Folk Music

Wednesday 11/01/2017 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Old Town School of Folk Music
4545 Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL
Classes meet every Wednesday of the month

A class for folks learning to live with the early stages of memory loss and those who care for them.

Memory Singers offers everyone a fun and authentic musical experience by tapping into the brain's remarkable ability to creatively engage in the moment through music.

Current research finds that many people with memory loss learn to move better, remember more, and even regain speech through listening to and playing music. Old Town School's Memory Singers draws upon the rich traditions of American and world music forms known and cherished for generations.

Members sing a variety of songs, learn vocal technique and ensemble skills, and share musical memories. This class also helps reduce the stress and anxiety of caregiving by allowing both the caregiver and person they care for to take a needed respite from their roles. No vocal experience is required, just a love of singing.

$120.00 for 8 classes

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