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Home Care Agency Choices - How Do You Choose?

Monday May 25, 2015 - Jennifer Prell
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When you are trying to find a caregiver to take care of a loved one you want to make the best choice for your family.  It's not always easy choosing a caregiver.  There are thousands of home care agencies and too many choices.  The following are some guidelines in choosing a companion caregiver for your loved one.

  • Get a referral for a well known home care agency in your area.
  • Do they do national background checks?
  • Do they do random drug screenings?
  • Do they fire and prosecute should something go terribly wrong?
  • Is the caregiver insured through the agency?
  • Is the agency paying for the caregiver's workman's comp insurance and paying their taxes?
  • What kind of training is provided to the caregiver?
  • Will you get the same caregiver every day or time needed?
  • Who is supervising the caregiver?
  • What happens if the caregiver gets sick, goes on vacation or doesn't show up?
  • If your loved one is particular make sure you tell the agency what kind of person would work best with them.
  • Advise the agency of your loved ones specific activities they need help with.
  • Advise the agency of your loved ones dietary needs and the type of foods they prefer.
  • What can you expect from your caregiver?
  • What are the things the caregiver does not do or provide?

Lots of questions to ask when hiring a caregiver.  However, if you ask these questions before you hire someone, it will make it a lot easier on your family as their needs grow.