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Helping Seniors - Quality, Commitment and Ownership

Tuesday March 03, 2015 - Jennifer Prell
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It's important to know what websites you're logging into, who you're working with and what they are going to do with your information.  For years Elderwerks has been working the "right" way.  We get phone calls, people logging into our site, etc. and we talk to them.  Our Community Consultants help seniors and families find senior housing and care based on their needs and we inform them how the senior communities we discussed are going to contact them: by email or phone.   We do not sell people's information or "own them".

Other companies capture people's information, they sell it and they send your name out to senior communities within your state without even telling you.  When you login to a site read the fine print.  Here's an example of an issue we came across recently:  "Joe" contacted Elderwerks to help him with his mom's assisted living needs.  We find out all her medical issues, physical limitations, personality, location requirements and budget while talking to "Joe" on the phone.  We discuss specific senior housing options, figure out which ones he's most interested in, tell him that the senior communities will call him to set up a tour and then send the referrals to "Joe" and the senior communities.  The senior communities call us back and tell us they can't work with us on this family because another company has captured their information and sent it to them.  By contract they cannot work with anyone else to help this family.  So we are done.  We can no longer help "Joe" and his mother.  Even though we've counseled "Joe", directly assisted him and his mother and supported their needs.  "Joe" tells us he's never spoken with anyone else and wants to work with Elderwerks.  There's not much we can do.  Our hands are tied and we can no longer support this family's needs.

It's a very disturbing part of Elderwerks business.  We help any senior in need and do our best to be upfront on how we're going to help the families.  Others aren't so forward or upfront.  In conclusion, ask questions, read the fine print and be careful what website you logon to.